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Buying an Insurance Agency

We have the connections and expertise to help you grow by acquisition.

It is a seller’s market. Depending on a particular agency, buyer competition may come from licensed agents, other insurance agency owners, insurance companies, financial institutions, and regional or national brokerages. This makes it very challenging for a given buyer to find a suitable match.

How We Help with Insurance Agency Acquisitions

We’ve worked with some of the fastest-growing firms in the country and can assist you in making an acquisition in a few ways:

Option #1: Fill out the form below and join our buyer’s list. Tell us what you are seeking and be the first to receive notice of new insurance agencies coming on the market via email notification.

Option #2: Hire us to consult with you on a deal. Our due diligence expertise for retail P&C agencies is unmatched in the industry. We can also help you find the best financing for a deal that you are contemplating.

Option #3: Hire us for a buy-side search. We contact agency owners, handle the data collection and analysis, and facilitate the discussions exclusively for you. Due to the resource commitment on our end, this program is only available to agencies with a minimum of $3M of revenue and capital in excess of $1M.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying an Insurance Business

Please review our frequently asked questions about buying an insurance company below. Have more questions? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page for further guidance from our M&A advisors.

What is the benefit of buying an existing insurance agency?

Buying an established insurance agency offers numerous advantages, including accelerating your growth and scale, gaining access to new carriers, acquiring trained staff, opening up cross-sell opportunities, and expanding your footprint. A properly executed acquisition will add numerous strategic benefits, as well as increase the value of your agency.

Why should I work with Agency Brokerage to buy an insurance agency?

First, we proactively market to over 18,000 agencies across the country and will represent dozens of sellers in a given year.  Second, our process is second-to-none in the industry in terms of the quality of our CIMs and transaction management.  Third, we have a success rate of over 95% in closing transactions due to our market preparation and M&A expertise.  In short, you’ll gain access to lots of acquisition opportunities and get to work with the best M&A team in the industry.

How can I finance the purchase of an insurance agency?

The four most common acquisition financing options are (1) commercial bank loans, (2) SBA 7(a) loans, (3) commission-based loans, and (4) private equity capital.  We have relationships with numerous lenders across the country and would be happy to connect you with the right partner.

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