Jim & LeighAnn Koch
Jim & LeighAnn Koch Koch Insurance Agency, Inc.
We want to thank the whole team at Agency Brokerage Consultants for the expertise in selling our 28 year old insurance agency. Six years ago was our first contact and free valuation with ABC. It allowed us to have an exit plan and maximize our agency’s selling price. A year ago we updated everything with Mike Mensch and afterwards decided to wait to sell. This year we decided to sell and since we already had the working relationship with ABC we were able to go to market and close very quickly.
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There was never any pressure put on us to list or sell in all those years. Sean Brelsford was very knowledgeable with the whole process and was fantastic to work with. If you are even thinking about selling in the next few years I would highly recommend you start a discussion with Mike.
Israel Guitian, Jr.
Israel Guitian, Jr. Weston Financial Group. Inc.
Everyone at your firm is very professional and knowledgeable. I was impressed by the Valuation Report and analysis. The numbers were spot on and I know that the report helped us get top dollar for our agency. I appreciate the fact that you held our hand and walked us through the entire process. From beginning to end the timeline that you set out evolved just like you said it would. Everything went very smoothly because of your expertise and experience in evaluating, buying and selling agencies.
Dave Cornish
Dave Cornish C & G Insurance Agency
To anybody that is about to sell his/her insurance agency, you definitely want to talk to Agency Brokerage Consultants. Here’s why.
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Keep two things in mind. (1) It will look like ABC paid me to say these things. They didn’t. These are my words and thoughts. (2) Last summer when I was researching how to sell my agency, and who to do it with, I wish I could have had the points below to ponder. It would have made my decision so much easier. You sell insurance, and you’re very good at it. You have knowledge and experience from many years in the business. But, that doesn’t mean you know how to sell an insurance agency. Believe me, I’ve been through the process, and I wouldn’t have been able to replicate what ABC does. I wouldn’t have had a clue. You don’t know what you don’t know. In life, it makes sense to hire professionals to do what they do: attorneys, accountants, architects, carpenters, plumbers, etc. If you’re a great carpenter, you might be pretty good at plumbing, but you’re not great at it. When you sell your insurance agency, you want great, not just okay, results.
William Kriener, Owner
William Kriener, Owner Sebastian Insurance
I want to thank the staff at Agency Brokerage Consultant (ABC) for all the hard work in selling my business. It all started with several calls. They educated me to start thinking about the future and what the process would be and how to prepare the company.
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After the offers came in and I decided on whom the buyer was going to be, they mapped out the plan to keep all parties on a strict timeline. ABC was two steps ahead of any issues that might surface. The results were that we closed the sale on time with the valuation we expected. Thank you, ABC!
Zenora Davis
Zenora Davis Acclaim Insurance Agency
Thank you all for the assistance in selling my agency. You were professional, diligent and patient from the very beginning of when we first met in 201, up to when I was finally ready to sell in 2012, and then the closing of the sale itself.  You brought me many offers, helped navigate the details of each, negotiated an excellent price and then made the due diligence as smooth as possible. I am glad to have put the sale of my business into your capable hands.
Norm & Alice Elias
Norm & Alice Elias Norm Elias Insurance
Lou worked very diligently to find just the right buyer. We could not be happier with the choice he made and the way everything was handled. He introduced us to a great couple who are very knowledgeable in the insurance industry, They are perfect for our agency. Lou was extremely professional in every aspect of the sale.
Frank Trotta
Frank Trotta Hershberger Insurance Agency, Inc.
The team at Agency Brokerage Consultants determined the value, did all the advertising, brought me multiple offers and I was able to sell my agency, including the associated real estate at an excellent price. If you are considering the sale of your agency, I would urge you to contact them for a prompt and professional evaluation.
Len Allen
Len Allen LR Allen Insurance
It was a pleasure working with Agency Brokerage and I greatly appreciate your services. Not only did you do everything you promised, the journey was also so pleasant from start to finish. Your personal attention to detail and answering my questions was outstanding.
Chris Bennett
Chris Bennett National Insurance Solutions
We previously marketed the company for sale with a different firm, and the process was both grueling and unsuccessful. As a direct result of your hard work, the transaction was a huge success. This was an incredibly important transaction for my family, my customers and my employees.
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We spent 13 years building the company from the ground up. We wanted a fair price, and we wanted buyers that would treat our employees and customers the way we had. Agency Brokerage found several buyers that were a great fit, and the transaction and transition were incredibly smooth.
Carl Moulton
Carl Moulton BrevardHomeInsurers.com a dba of The Moulton Agency, Inc.
From start to finish, everything was handled with skill, care, patience and integrity. You worked diligently to help me meet my goals and represented the Moulton Agency very professionally. The initial valuation was also spot on in regards to the market value of the agency.