automation in insurance agencies
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Agency Automation

Agency automation is an effective way for companies to tighten up their time management and increase the level of customer service — without doing any additional work. There are a number of processes that can be automated in insurance, from delivering quotes to sending reminder emails. Those agencies who have taken advantage of these options have seen an almost miraculous reduction of monotonous tasks, so they can concentrate more on their customers.

Information At Your Fingertips

Leads, customer information, company policy changes: tracking down all this information can be difficult, regardless of what position you hold at a company. It can translate into customers having to retell the same story to 5 different members of the staff. It can lead to agents picking up the phone feeling completely unprepared to do their job, and potentially resentful they don’t have the tools they need. Automation makes it possible to streamline a variety of processes, so employees can start feeling more of a sense of purpose in the job they’re performing. Automation software is easy to use and simple to understand, so everyone can hit the ground running.

Privacy and You

Automation may make some company owners uneasy because they’re entrusting pivotal data and functions to a third party’s product. However, the software that automation uses has been continuously evolving at a rapid pace. Privacy and security is at the forefront of today’s technology, and the safeguarding methods only improve as time goes by. Bugs or inconsistencies with these platforms have been studied extensively and changes, so that everyone from the CEO to a brand new trainee can use an intuitive program that gives them the programs they need to be successful.

What You Can Expect

Agency automation is built to give your customers what they want, when they want it. Your website is currently available at every hour of the day, but is it doing everything it can possibly do? If your customers can’t get quotes or access their claim information, you may be losing business without even realizing it. Agency automation sets up more services, so customers can feel supported whether the office is open or not. Leads become better organized, making it easier to set follow-ups and phone calls. Personalized emails can be sent out to touch base, introduce an essential service, or just to remind someone of a scheduled call.

Hassle-Free Compliance

With technology becoming so ubiquitous and hackers being so industrious, standards have only continued to climb when it comes to compliance. The costs of breaking these regulations can not only be a financial catastrophe, but also a reputation destroyer as well. Automation can supply you with software that meets or exceeds the expectations of federal guidelines as they pertain to financial and personal information. Not only will the programs be compliant out of the box, but they’ll include any future updates necessary to keep pace with new changes in the coming years.

Taking a Step Back

If you’ve been holding back on bring automation to your agency, there’s likely a good reason behind it. Maybe it’s a budget issue or it seems counterproductive to interrupt employee routines that seem to be working. People develop habits that are difficult to break, which can make company owners or decision makers hesitant to roll out something new. While it can disrupt the flow though, the most profitable companies look for developments in the market and evaluate how it can work for them. Automation requires all employees to embrace a more efficient order of their day, and it’s possible to get everyone on board when you explain the long-term benefits of these services. .

Finding the Right Fit

Just because improved technology is available doesn’t mean that everyone has access to it. When you choose Agency Brokerage Consultants, you choose the a company that can get your automation started off right. It all starts with the right first impression made on employees. When your staff experiences the speed and efficiency that automation can bring, it can start a snowball effect. Let us be the ones to help you put it all together. We’ve seen the pitfalls and solutions within the industry, and our job is to optimize your business. Often it can take an outside perspective to tell you exactly what needs to be changed, and thankfully we have the experience to help.

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